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Visiting the Archives

Research Hours and Access:

The Archives is currently open by appointment only.

Hershey Community Archives is located in the lower level of The Hershey Story: The Museum on Chocolate Avenue. Researchers should present themselves at the Museum’s front desk. Staff will contact the Archives and direct researchers to the lower level. Researchers are encouraged to review our research policies (below) prior to visiting.

Access to some records may be restricted according to the terms of the deposit or donor agreement. Please contact staff prior to your appointment to ensure access.

Appointments are required to request access to restricted records, ensure archivist availability, and permit staff time to pull requested records. Appointments can be made by contacting the Archives via phone (717-533-1777) or email (contact@hersheyarchives.org) in advance of your arrival.

Every effort is made to maintain convenient hours for patrons, but we reserve the right to close for brief periods when a staff presence cannot be maintained. Researchers visiting from a distance should make arrangements ahead of time.



Hershey Community Archives is located in the lower level of The Hershey Story: The Museum on Chocolate Avenue. Parking is available, free of charge, in the parking garage adjacent to The Hershey Story. The garage is accessible via Linden Road. A car is necessary to reach the Archives.


Research Policies:

Use of the Archives’ collections is open to all interested persons upon presentation of an appropriate form of personal identification. An appointment is not required but is suggested in order to ensure staff availability. Researchers are required to complete a researcher registration form and to sign in. Materials do not circulate. 

Access to some of the records may be restricted according to the terms of the deposit or donor agreement.

Procedures for use are designed to ensure the proper handling of materials and are consistent with the Archives' commitment to preserving its collections for future generations.


On-site Research:


In order to access the archival collections researchers are required to complete a registration form and present valid photo ID bearing registrant’s current or permanent address. Minors under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a registered adult. Researcher registrations are updated every five years.

Researchers are required to sign in daily.

Use of the Collections

Permission to examine archival material will be granted to researchers on equal terms of access. Exclusive rights to examine or publish material will not be granted to any researcher or researchers. Permission to examine material is subject to the restrictions placed on the material by the donors or depositors.

To ensure the security of the collections, all personal items such as bags, briefcases, purses, backpacks, computer cases, packages, portfolios, folders, or envelopes are not permitted in the reading room. No food, chewing gum, mints, beverages, or containers are permitted in the reading room. Outer garments, such as coats or sweaters, may be worn but may not be draped over reading room furniture. Secure lockers are available for researcher use. Lockers are 12” W x 12” D x 35” H. Researchers are encouraged to leave larger items in their vehicle.

Hershey Community Archives cannot be responsible for patrons’ personal belongings.

Only pencils, portable computers, note-taking paper, and a limited quantity of research notes are permitted on the reading room tables in addition to archival materials. The Archives staff will determine what materials may be brought into the reading room.

Request items by filling out a collections request form, available from reading room staff. All archival materials must be returned to the archivist by 3:45 P.M.

The following rules must be observed:

  • Use pencil only.
  • Use only one box, one folder of records, one map, or one roll of drawings at a time.
  • Do not remove materials from their folders.
  • Maintain the existing order of records within each folder and box. If a mistake in arrangement of material is discovered, please notify Archives staff; do not rearrange material yourself.
  • Do not trace or lean on any portion of the material.
  • Loose sheets and volume pages should be handled by their edges.
  • Material should remain flat on the table and should not be held in the hands or in the lap.
  • Cotton gloves must be worn when examining photographic prints.