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“I’ll Catch the Next Trolley”

Hershey trolleys played a critical role in the production of Hershey’s milk chocolate, delivering each day fresh milk from the region’s many dairy farms. Trolleys also played an important role in community life, allowing workers to get to work, children to get to school, as well as allowing friends and family to visit each other. […]

“That’s a good bar”

In the 1920s Hershey Chocolate Company wanted to expand its product line and began experimenting with formulas for another nut bar. Samuel Hinkle, who began his career as a plant chemist in November 1924, spearheaded the company’s efforts. He shared vivid memories of developing the formula for Mr. Goodbar in 1925 in his 1975 oral […]

“To Serve, Not to Be Served”

While most people think of Hershey in terms of chocolate or amusement parks or even resort hotels, Hershey is also a community filled with people who live and work and go to school. It is a vibrant community whose residents contribute their time and expertise to a variety of social and service organizations. In 1980, […]

$50 Million Phone Call

Hershey is fortunate to be home to the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Because of it Hershey has access to a world class medical facility and some of the finest medical care in the United States. How and why Penn State came to Derry Township to build a medical school and teaching hospital […]

1914 – A Christmas Greeting

In 1914 Europe was embroiled in the Great War. At the same time United States was enjoying great peace and prosperity while watching with concern the European conflict. Most Americans did not want to be drawn into the war. It would be more than two years before the United States entered the war many thought would be the war to […]