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Hershey Bibliography

A guide to some of the printed and video resources related to Hershey, PA.


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Videos (currently out of print):

The Chocolate King: Milton S. Hershey. A&E Home Video, 1995.

America’s Castles: Grand Resorts. (Hotel Hershey). A&E Home Video, 1996.

Hersheypark: The Sweetness of Success. WITF-TV Productions, 1998.


Hershey Community Archives www.hersheyarchives.org

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts www.hersheypa.com

The Hershey Company www.hersheys.com

Hershey Gardens www.hersheygardens.org

The Hershey Story Museum www.hersheystory.org

Hershey Theatre www.hersheytheatre.com

Hershey Trust Company www.hersheytrust.com

Milton Hershey School www.mhs-pa.org

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