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A Home for Community Theater

Last weekend Hershey Area Playhouse closed another successful run of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The play has been a seasonal staple at the Playhouse since 2008, delighting audiences with its holiday themed story and positive message. In 1999, the Hershey Area Playhouse (HAP) was founded by local residents who wished to bring community theater […]

Advertising Hershey Chocolate

One of the great myths in the advertising industry is that Hershey Chocolate did not begin advertising until 1970. Although the Corporation generally did not use consumer media advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads, or radio and television commercials, it did employ a variety of techniques to publicize itself. Hershey Chocolate used its advertising […]

Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s Time for Christmas Candylane

Every year in mid-November Hersheypark is transformed into a Christmas wonderland. Decorated with millions of lights, the Park offers a chance to visit Santa and his reindeer, musical performances and holiday themed amusement rides. The idea for Hersheypark Candylane grew out of the Park’s desire to expand their season. The concept was first proposed in 1976. Paul […]

Henry Picard: Bringing Prestige to the Hershey Country Club

On April 27, 1930 Milton Hershey launched the Hershey Country Club with a dinner party held at his home, High Point, for one hundred of his friends and associates. Mr. Hershey offered High Point for the clubhouse. The new club’s golf course was designed by noted golf architect, Maurice McCarthy. The course received high praise […]

What’s the Weather?

Having a office in a windowless location often leaves me disconnected from the weather. All sorts of weather happens without my knowledge and I’m often surprised by it when I leave work at the end of the day. Wanting to know the weather is a desire shared by all who work in windowless environments. In […]

“I’ll Catch the Next Trolley”

Hershey trolleys played a critical role in the production of Hershey’s milk chocolate, delivering each day fresh milk from the region’s many dairy farms. Trolleys also played an important role in community life, allowing workers to get to work, children to get to school, as well as allowing friends and family to visit each other. […]

Celebrating Milton Hershey’s Birthday

1937 was a tumultuous year in Hershey. In January the CIO, a national trade union, organized Hershey Chocolate factory workers, establishing the plant’s first labor union. In April, the Hershey factory workers held Pennsylvania’s first sit-down strike following a breakdown in labor contract negotiations. Though short lived, the strike bitterly divided the town. As a […]

The Nickel Ride: Hershey’s Trolley System

When Milton Hershey returned to Derry Township to build his new chocolate factory, he returned to a largely rural area, dotted with small cross-roads communities that were tied together with dirt roads that were often little more than paths. Mr. Hershey knew that he would need to invest in developing the infrastructure of his new […]

Private or Public: Hershey, the Golf Capital of Pennsylvania

Beginning in the 1930s Hershey became known as the “Golf Capital of Pennsylvania.”  Its 54 holes of golf (Hershey Country Club – 18, Hershey Park Golf Club – 18, Juvenile Golf Course – 9, Hotel Hershey Golf Course – 9) made Hershey a popular destination for golfers of all skill levels. Hershey golf courses attracted […]

Bursting with Almonds: Hershey’s 50-50 Bar

The popularity of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar with Almonds led the Hershey Chocolate Company to develop a new product with even more almonds. Introduced in 1921, the 50-50 (sometimes Fifty-Fifty) Almond bar was considered a “Fancy Good” along with Bon Bons and 1/2 and 1 pound boxed Kisses wrapped in Hershey maroon paper-covered boxes. A few […]

Hershey Park: Bigger and Better. The Dentzel Carrousel

Hershey’s first merry-go-round was so successful that Milton Hershey soon decided that the Park needed a larger, more impressive carrousel. In 1912 Milton Hershey bought a new $10,000 carrousel for the park. This time he acquired one of the best carrousels that money could buy from William Dentzel of Philadelphia. Dentzel, who was known as “the Carrousel King,” […]

Construction Begins

Tedesko realized that the Hershey project would be a unique challenge. He referred to it as a “home-made structure, constructed by Hershey men.” Tedesko became the planner/architect/engineer/construction manager. Milton Hershey wanted to save money and refused to formally hire a construction manager. The result was a rather chaotic beginning. Eventually, Tedesko secured the help of […]

Hershey Sports Arena: A Home for Hockey and More

Hersheypark Arena will celebrate its 75th anniversary in December 2011. When it was constructed it was an engineering marvel, the first large-scale thin-shell concrete structure in the United States. The Hershey Arena established a new type of roof structure that was used throughout the United States from 1936 onward. The building is even more impressive when […]

To Seek Justice and Preserve Peace: Pennsylvania State Police Training Academy

In February 1920, a State Police training school was established in Newville, Cumberland County. The Newville Training School was closed on March 1, 1923. The following year the school was reinstituted in Hershey, PA. The Academy was originally located on Cocoa Avenue, next to the Memorial Baseball Field. In addition, the State Highway Patrol used […]

So Long, Until Tomorrow: Lowell Thomas and Hershey

Lowell Thomas was a man ahead of his time: the first roving newscaster, a film maker through the 1920s, a radio presenter in the 1930s, an adventurer who wrote more than 50 books. As a pioneer in radio broadcasting, Lowell Thomas brought the world to the United States’ living rooms with his around the world eyewitness […]


HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolates are recognized the world over by their distinctive conical shape of bright colored foil wrappers topped with the paper plume, and of course, their great taste. Since their first manufacture in 1907, the quality and value of bite-sized chocolate KISSES has endured–KISSES chocolates are as popular today as when they first appeared. […]

Year Round Entertainment: Hershey Central Theater

We’ve been working on a new presentation to tell the story of the history of entertainment in Hershey. While modern Hershey is well known as being a destination for all sorts of entertainment, providing a broad range of entertainment opportunities was part of Hershey’s allure from its earliest years. The Hershey Press (available online from the Archives […]

$50 Million Phone Call

Hershey is fortunate to be home to the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Because of it Hershey has access to a world class medical facility and some of the finest medical care in the United States. How and why Penn State came to Derry Township to build a medical school and teaching hospital […]

Hershey Skating Club

The Hershey Skating Club has been an active part of our community since its founding in 1934. Though it was officially established that year, Hershey’s interest in figure skating dates much earlier. When the Hershey Ice Palace opened in 1931, a small group of figure skaters from Lancaster joined to together as an informal club and came […]

Ringing in the Holidays: Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates

In 1989 John Dunn was Hershey Chocolate brands manager for Kisses. Hershey was working on a new marketing campaign for Kisses, sometimes referred to as the Kisses “whimsy” campaign. Working with Ogilvy Mather, a series of animated Kisses commercials were planned utilizing tabletop stop-motion animation and CG product photography. Ogilvy Mather was the agency of record […]

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