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Hershey Rotary Club Auction

The 2013 Hershey Rotary Auction kicks off with a “Heads or Tails” contest. 4/13/2013
The 2013 Hershey Rotary Auction kicks off with a “Heads or Tails” contest. 4/13/2013

Hershey Rotary Club just held its annual auction last Saturday. First held in 1968, the auction is the major fundraiser for the Rotary Club who uses the profits to fund its donations to the Hershey Volunteer Fire Company and countless other local organizations. Last week’s Auction was held at the Hershey Lodge, in one of the ballrooms. A cash bar, hor d’oeurves and a silent auction preceded dinner and a live auction featuring trips, electronics, athletic events and Hershey memorabilia and other collectibles.

The original auction was a much difference event.

Hershey Rotary Club’s Auction in 1968 was a community affair. Club members and the community were asked to donate antique, collectible and new items for the Club to auction. In addition, the Derry Township Police Department donated all the unclaimed bicycles collected during the preceding year. Carnival games were set up to entertain children and picnic food was available for sale. In 1968 Rotary was still a male only organization. The wives of members were known as “RotaryAnns.”  The RotaryAnns contributed to the Auction providing a wider variety of baked goods for sale.

Since the Hershey Volunteer Fire Company was the primary beneficiary, they also contributed to the Auction by bringing a fire truck to the site. Children (of all ages) were invited to sit in the truck and free rides were offered as well.

At first, the Auction was held in the Stadium. After the Hersheypark Maintenance and Service Center was built in 1976, the event was moved there. To learn more about the history of the Hershey Rotary Club, visit the Archives’ website.

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