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HersheyArchives@30, Part 13: “Hire the Forty Men”

Milton Hershey launched  his “Great Building Campaign” to bolster the local economy during the Great Depression. Townspeople found work building the structures that would eventually become some of the major tourist attractions in town, (the Community Building and Hershey Theatre, The Hotel Hershey, Hersheypark Arena and Stadium) and the result was a town that offered facilities and features unheard […]

HersheyArchives@30, Part 12: Designing a Course Fit for a Pro

Hershey’s first golf course opened in 1909. Located along Chocolate Avenue, the 9-hole golf course was built near Milton Hershey’s home, High Point. However, the chocolate factory’s continual eastward development encroached on the golf course, shrinking its size to 5 or 6 holes. Local golfers were forced to go to Harrisburg or Lebanon to play […]

Fore! Origins of the Hershey Country Club

In 1928, Milton Hershey authorized the construction of two new golf courses for Hershey. The first course was located next to Hershey Park and was named the Hershey Parkview course. Parkview was a public course, open to all golfers. The second course was laid out on land surrounding Milton Hershey’s home, High Point. This course incorporated the remaining holes of Hershey’s […]

Restoring a Legacy: Hershey Foods Corporation and High Point Mansion

In 1930 Milton Hershey donated his home, High Point, to the newly organized Hershey Country Club to serve as its clubhouse. The house continued to serve as the Country Club Clubhouse until 1970 when the Club moved to a new facility on Derry Road. High Point sat vacant until 1977 when it was acquired by Hershey Foods […]

Henry Picard: Bringing Prestige to the Hershey Country Club

On April 27, 1930 Milton Hershey launched the Hershey Country Club with a dinner party held at his home, High Point, for one hundred of his friends and associates. Mr. Hershey offered High Point for the clubhouse. The new club’s golf course was designed by noted golf architect, Maurice McCarthy. The course received high praise […]

Private or Public: Hershey, the Golf Capital of Pennsylvania

Beginning in the 1930s Hershey became known as the “Golf Capital of Pennsylvania.”  Its 54 holes of golf (Hershey Country Club – 18, Hershey Park Golf Club – 18, Juvenile Golf Course – 9, Hotel Hershey Golf Course – 9) made Hershey a popular destination for golfers of all skill levels. Hershey golf courses attracted […]

Playing to Win: The Hershey Open Golf Tournament

Hershey Country Club was formally established when Milton Hershey hosted a dinner party at his home, High Point, for one hundred of his friends on April 27, 1930. Preceding dinner, Mr. Hershey announced he was donating his home to the new Hershey Country Club for use as a clubhouse. He went on to explain that […]

Golf for Hershey’s Youth: Juvenile Country Club

In 1932 Hershey added its most unusual course. The Juvenile Country Club [today Spring Creek Golf Club] was the only course in the United States dedicated to children under eighteen years old. Youth golf fees were $.35 and for an annual fee of $10, children had unlimited access to the Juvenile course. As a result, […]

Golf Legend: Ben Hogan

While Hershey is well known nationally for its iconic milk chocolate bar, Milton Hershey’s model town attracted much attention for many other reasons. Hershey Country Club, established in 1930, received national attention shortly after it was established through its choice of golf professionals to represent the club. Shortly after the club opened Henry Picard, one […]