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Hershey’s Milk Chocolate: Bar Wrappers Over the Years

Search for the Perfect Formula By the early 1890s, Milton Hershey’s Lancaster Caramel Company was an established success. Fortunately, its very success set free Mr. Hershey’s enthusiasm, energy and love of technology to look for a new challenge. He found it at the Columbian Exposition where, in 1893, he had the chance to see a […]

Hershey Chocolate Company: 1894-1900

Inspired by chocolate-making machinery he saw at the 1893 World’s Exposition in Chicago, Milton Hershey returned to Lancaster and began experimenting with making chocolate. In 1894, he established the Hershey Chocolate Company and was soon producing over 100 varieties of “sweet chocolate” novelties, bite-size chocolates produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. The term […]

HersheyArchives@30, Part 20: Eckenroth Journals – Working for Hershey Chocolate During the 1930s and 1940s

Daily journals are kept as a personal record of the activities in an individual’s life. Although never intended for a public audience, many journals provide us with a better understanding of what effect world-wide and local events had on an individual. Raphael Eckenroth’s journals detail his work experience in the Hershey Chocolate Factory during the […]

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try a New Name

While Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is the United States’ most iconic confectionery product, not all Hershey products have been so successful. Sometimes when Hershey introduced a new product, the company was not satisfied with its sales and quickly removed the product from production. Other times, Hershey continued to market the product, tweaking the recipe, the packaging […]

Looking Back: Hershey Chocolate Products

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is one of the great iconic American products. Introduced in 1900, it has delighted generations of candy lovers. Not all products are so successful. This week’s blog post takes a look at some of Hershey’s less successful products that were introduced with high hopes, only to be discontinued a few years (or months!) […]

A Key to the Past: Hershey Chocolate Factory Architectural Plans

This post was provided by Archives Assistant, Julia Morrow. The original Hershey Chocolate Factory has dominated the streetscape of Chocolate Avenue in Hershey, PA ever since ground was broken in 1903. The factory is not a single structure, but a complex of buildings that were constructed over several decades. Once Milton S. Hershey started building, he didn’t […]

Things Old Are New Again: Hershey’s Modern Office Building

People who regularly drive through Hershey on Rt. 422 (Chocolate Avenue) have noticed all the construction and reconstruction taking place at the original chocolate factory. Included in this project is construction work being done to the building at 19 East Chocolate Avenue, a structure also known as the Windowless or Modern Office Building.  Completed in […]

Happiness is a Mouthful of HERSHEY-ETS

  Hershey-Ets’ shape changed to circular “lentils” in 1960. During Milton Hershey’s life, he encouraged new product development, often leading the way with a wide variety of experiments. Many of these ideas did not result in new products, but Mr. Hershey created an environment supportive of new ideas and products. After Milton Hershey died in […]

All You Need Are a Few Good Men…

Milton Hershey had a genius for selecting talented, energetic people to help him manage his business ventures. The leadership and skills of these men freed Milton Hershey to pursue new passions and ventures, including Milton Hershey School, Cuba, and experiments with new products. Foremost among Mr. Hershey’s key managers was William F.R. Murrie. Bill Murrie began work for the […]

It’s the Cocoa Bean, Baby

When it comes to their logos, most companies seek to create something that will serve as a visual symbol of the business–an image that will be recognizable without words. When changes are made, they are made to better communicate the core mission of the company. Brand visibility is critical when it comes to communicating to […]

Advertising Hershey Chocolate

One of the great myths in the advertising industry is that Hershey Chocolate did not begin advertising until 1970. Although the Corporation generally did not use consumer media advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads, or radio and television commercials, it did employ a variety of techniques to publicize itself. Hershey Chocolate used its advertising […]

Bursting with Almonds: Hershey’s 50-50 Bar

The popularity of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar with Almonds led the Hershey Chocolate Company to develop a new product with even more almonds. Introduced in 1921, the 50-50 (sometimes Fifty-Fifty) Almond bar was considered a “Fancy Good” along with Bon Bons and 1/2 and 1 pound boxed Kisses wrapped in Hershey maroon paper-covered boxes. A few […]

Ringing in the Holidays: Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates

In 1989 John Dunn was Hershey Chocolate brands manager for Kisses. Hershey was working on a new marketing campaign for Kisses, sometimes referred to as the Kisses “whimsy” campaign. Working with Ogilvy Mather, a series of animated Kisses commercials were planned utilizing tabletop stop-motion animation and CG product photography. Ogilvy Mather was the agency of record […]

New Machinery for the Factory Installed

The Hershey Press issue dated September 17, 1909 carried a variety of articles about the community and Chocolate factory as well as printing ads from Hershey owned and independent businesses. A favorite column was titled: Hershey Briefs: Items About You, Your Neighbors and Things in General. Illnesses, individual’s trips to Harrisburg and Lancaster, comments about people who dropped in to […]

Wish You Were Here…

The early 1900s saw a surge of popularity for postcards. The hobby of collecting picture postcards became the greatest collectible hobby that the World had ever known. The official figures from the U.S. Post Office for their fiscal year ending June 30, 1908, cite 677,777,798 postcards mailed. At that time the total population of the […]

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