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Hershey’s Milk Chocolate: Bar Wrappers Over the Years

Search for the Perfect Formula By the early 1890s, Milton Hershey’s Lancaster Caramel Company was an established success. Fortunately, its very success set free Mr. Hershey’s enthusiasm, energy and love of technology to look for a new challenge. He found it at the Columbian Exposition where, in 1893, he had the chance to see a […]

Looking Back: Hershey Chocolate Products

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is one of the great iconic American products. Introduced in 1900, it has delighted generations of candy lovers. Not all products are so successful. This week’s blog post takes a look at some of Hershey’s less successful products that were introduced with high hopes, only to be discontinued a few years (or months!) […]

Hershey’s Syrup: Chocolate Goodness in a Tin

Introduction It wasn’t until 1926 that Hershey Chocolate Company began manufacturing and marketing chocolate syrup. When Hershey’s Syrup was first introduced, it was marketed to commercial users (i.e. bakers, soda fountains, restaurants). Commercial chocolate syrup was marketed in two strengths: single and double. Single strength was promoted for use in soda fountain pumps for making carbonated beverages.  Double strength was used […]

Happiness is a Mouthful of HERSHEY-ETS

  Hershey-Ets’ shape changed to circular “lentils” in 1960. During Milton Hershey’s life, he encouraged new product development, often leading the way with a wide variety of experiments. Many of these ideas did not result in new products, but Mr. Hershey created an environment supportive of new ideas and products. After Milton Hershey died in […]

All You Need Are a Few Good Men…

Milton Hershey had a genius for selecting talented, energetic people to help him manage his business ventures. The leadership and skills of these men freed Milton Hershey to pursue new passions and ventures, including Milton Hershey School, Cuba, and experiments with new products. Foremost among Mr. Hershey’s key managers was William F.R. Murrie. Bill Murrie began work for the […]

In Milton Hershey’s Memory: Cocoa Avenue Plaza

Just prior to his death, Milton Hershey set aside 18.25 acres to create Memorial Field, a community park with a playground and sports fields in the heart of residential Hershey. Plans for Memorial Field were extensive and not all could be developed at first. Several years later, Sam Hinkle, president of the Hershey Chocolate Corporation, […]

There’s More Than One Way to a Consumer’s Heart

The Hershey Company did not incorporate media advertising for its products until the company was over 75 years old. Even though Hershey Chocolate Company did not advertise in newspapers, magazines or on the radio, it made use of a variety of advertising techniques. Milton Hershey made use of store windows, counters and posters in trains […]

Touring the Hershey Chocolate Factory

Almost as soon as the Hershey Chocolate Factory began operating in 1905, visitors wanted to tour the facility to see how Hershey’s milk chocolate was made. The Company began offering formal tours as early as 1910. In 1915 the Hershey Visitors Bureau opened in the Cocoa House as an information center for Hershey’s rapidly growing […]

Advertising Hershey Chocolate

One of the great myths in the advertising industry is that Hershey Chocolate did not begin advertising until 1970. Although the Corporation generally did not use consumer media advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads, or radio and television commercials, it did employ a variety of techniques to publicize itself. Hershey Chocolate used its advertising […]

What’s the Weather?

Having a office in a windowless location often leaves me disconnected from the weather. All sorts of weather happens without my knowledge and I’m often surprised by it when I leave work at the end of the day. Wanting to know the weather is a desire shared by all who work in windowless environments. In […]

Celebrating Milton Hershey’s Birthday

1937 was a tumultuous year in Hershey. In January the CIO, a national trade union, organized Hershey Chocolate factory workers, establishing the plant’s first labor union. In April, the Hershey factory workers held Pennsylvania’s first sit-down strike following a breakdown in labor contract negotiations. Though short lived, the strike bitterly divided the town. As a […]

Working in Hershey, Part 1

Hershey Community Archives’ oral history collection is a rich resource for understanding the history of the community, its industries and activities. Excerpts of oral history interviews with factory workers, Hershey Estates employees, bookkeepers and bank tellers reveal what it is like to work in the “sweetest place on earth.” The stories of how people first got […]

Army-Navy ‘E’ Award

Hershey played a significant role on the home front supporting the war effort during World War II. In recognition of its outstanding efforts, Hershey Chocolate Corporation received the Army-Navy ‘E’ Production Award at a special ceremony held August 22, 1942. At the Award ceremony, Major General Edmond B.Gregory noted the company’s achievements stating, “The men […]