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A New Ride for a New Park: Trailblazer Roller Coaster

Did you know that Hersheypark has 12 (12!) roller coasters? And that most of them have been added to the park in the last 23 years? For most of the Park’s existence, only one roller coaster was present. Hershey Park’s first roller coaster, The Wild Cat, began operating in 1923. In 1946, it was disassembled to make way […]

Seeking Thrills: Hershey Park’s First Roller Coaster

Hershey celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1923, and Milton Hershey’s present to the town was a new roller coaster for Hershey Park.  Named the Wild Cat, it was nearly a mile in length and it had “more dips and deeper dips than any of like construction in America.” It was put into operation on June […]

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