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Happy Birthday, Mr. Hershey

Honoring the Founder During most of Milton Hershey’s lifetime, birthday celebrations were a private affair. Sometimes Mr. Hershey hosted a small gathering of friends. Frequently he was traveling in Europe, New York City or Atlantic City, New Jersey during his birthday. That pattern changed when Milton Hershey turned 80 years old. 1937 had been a […]

Archival Treasures: 25 Years of Caring for Hershey’s History

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the Hershey Community Archives. This exhibit highlights some of the many treasures found in the collections. Just as Hershey’s history is not only about Milton Hershey, the Archives’ collections contain information about the many businesses, organizations, events and individuals that have shaped the community. “Please send me a box […]

Skating for the Gold: 1953 United States Figure Skating Championship

What’s not to love about ice skating? One of the highlights for me while watching the Winter Olympics is all the figure skating. I love the beauty and creativity and greatly admire the athleticism needed to make it look so graceful. Hershey also loves figure skating. The sport has been an important sport in Hershey since the Hershey Skating […]

He Shoots, He Scores!

50 years ago today the Philadelphia Warriors played the New York Knickerbockers in a game held in the Hershey Sports Arena. At that game Warrior Wilt Chamberlain scored a record smashing 100 points, an achievement that no basketball player has ever duplicated or even come close. Little remains of the game, no ticket stubs, no video. […]

Construction Begins

Tedesko realized that the Hershey project would be a unique challenge. He referred to it as a “home-made structure, constructed by Hershey men.” Tedesko became the planner/architect/engineer/construction manager. Milton Hershey wanted to save money and refused to formally hire a construction manager. The result was a rather chaotic beginning. Eventually, Tedesko secured the help of […]

Hershey Sports Arena: A Home for Hockey and More

Hersheypark Arena will celebrate its 75th anniversary in December 2011. When it was constructed it was an engineering marvel, the first large-scale thin-shell concrete structure in the United States. The Hershey Arena established a new type of roof structure that was used throughout the United States from 1936 onward. The building is even more impressive when […]

Hershey Skating Club

The Hershey Skating Club has been an active part of our community since its founding in 1934. Though it was officially established that year, Hershey’s interest in figure skating dates much earlier. When the Hershey Ice Palace opened in 1931, a small group of figure skaters from Lancaster joined to together as an informal club and came […]

Serving the Region: Hershey’s Service During the Three Mile Island Emergency

The accident at Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station was the most significant accident in the history of the American commercial nuclear power generating industry. Though no one was injured, the accident caused a partial core meltdown of the Unit 2 reactor. The accident occurred just a weeks after “The China Syndrome,” a popular movie […]